Cyboars - Story

This Ain't The Three Little Pigs

The Cyboars are pig-like humanoids who came from the other side of the galaxy – the planet Stygor . Originally known as the Wylde Pack, these five rebels were a lone symbol of resistance against the Bytrons, a bull-like race who'd conquered their world.

To hunt down the Wylde Pack, the Bytrons formed the Renegades from dangerous, yet disposable criminals. The Renegades cornered the Wylde Pack, who then detonated an experimental device that warped them both across space and into a little backwater planet called Earth.

C.O.R.E found the Wylde Pack barely alive after they crash landed. Using a mix of Earth and Stygor sciences, C.O.R.E rebuilt them into the CYBOARS, alien heroes, now with superpowered bionic parts.

The Renegades were found by the evil android STAGOREX, who then stole Cyboar technology to upgrade the Renegades with their own unique superpowers. Now the CYBOARS must protect mankind, while also racing to find a way back to Stygor with the new technology before the Renegades do. The fate of 3 worlds is in their cyber hands!

Other Characters

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