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EPISODE 1 – Crash Landing
Bushar (Bush Hog) awakes in a dark strange place, wired up. He breaks free and is cornered by what seems in the shadows to be a ROBOT... Read more >


EPISODE 2 – Island Getaway
Ardonna explains they’re in the C.O.R.E. lab and introduces Dr. GENETTI, who tells Bushar that Cyboarging them was the only thing that saved their lives... Read more >


EPISODE 3 – A Matter of Trust
Open on lab tests of Sten-Kai (Stampede) and Anthar’s (Air Boar’s) new Cyboar bodies being revealed. ROMAN POWERS of Powertechnic Industries... Read more >


EPISODE 4 – The Road Home
Reveal of the newly Cyboarg’d Sen Sunar, who discovers his new parts allow him to hyper-focus his lifeforce energy to project the Sabbatasaurus... Read more >


EPISODE 5 – The Vote
Opens with Hog Kong asking to be Cyboarg’d. Glitch feels guilty and reveals that it’s his fault that STAG was able to get the Cyboarg technology and the ship... Read more >

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Episode Guide

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