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EPISODE 5 – The Vote

Opens with Hog Kong asking to be Cyboarg’d. Glitch feels guilty and reveals that it’s his fault that STAG was able to get the Cyboarg technology and the ship. The Cyboars decide to take a vote on whether or not to forgive Glitch... CUT TO: Glitch arriving in a raft on Staghorn Island. He tells the Renegades the Cyboars voted him out. The Renegades belittle him and toss him aside as useless now. But things are not as they seem – it’s a trick, the Cyboars didn’t vote Glitch out, and now that he’s in the heart of STAG HQ, he sabotages their systems so the Cyboars can attack! Working together, the Cyboars defeat the bulls and rescue Genetti. But to save Glitch, the ship – their only way home – gets destroyed. Back at C.O.R.E., they realize that for now fate wants them to remain on Earth and protect it, as the Cyboars.

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Episode Guide

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