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EPISODE 4 – The Road Home

Reveal of the newly Cyboarg’d Sen Sunar (Old Fang), who discovers his new parts allow him to hyper-focus his lifeforce energy to project the Sabbatasaurus spirit through his Tusk-Sword. Kachonga was unharmed in the crash because he’s so tough. Ardonna reveals she’s rebuilt the ship and they can return home to Stygor. Disagreement amongst them on whether they should take off or stay and deal with the Renegades who are a danger to Earth. Glitch gets a transmission on his watch from Stagorex asking him to disable the security system on C.O.R.E. HQ so the Renegades can get in and steal the ship. Glitch refuses and throws away his watch. After he leaves his bedroom, the watch sprouts metallic spider legs and goes to disable the security system. The newly Cyboarg’d Renegades enter the base, use their new abilities to smack down the Cyboars who don’t come up with a cohesive battle plan. Worst of all, the ship is stolen – and Genetti is inside!

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Episode Guide

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