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EPISODE 3 – A Matter of Trust

Open on lab tests of Sten-Kai (Stampede) and Anthar’s (Air Boar’s) new Cyboar bodies being revealed. ROMAN POWERS of Powertechnic Industries takes unusual interest in their testing. Meanwhile, two ship segments have been located on the map, and an upset Ardonna goes for one of them alone. Bush Hog, Airboar and Stampede go after the segment with Kachonga (Hog Kong), which has crashed in a supermarket. Much to Ardonna’s chagrin, Glitch has snuck along in the ship with her. Glitch doesn’t realize it, but a tracker in his watch enables the Renegades to find them and attack. The Renegades get the drop on her and knock her out. They strap Ardonna down on a lab table, unconscious, and analyze all her Cyboar technology. Glitch is upset to learn that his watch led them to her. Glitch sends a help signal to Bush Hog and Stampede, who come and rescue them. Back at C.O.R.E., Genetti is worried what STAG intended, but is even more concerned that the Cyboars are bickering. When Ardonna swallows her pride and thanks Glitch for his help, Glitch is guilt-ridden. At Staghorn Island, Stagorex boasts the mission wasn’t a total failure. He was able to analyze enough of Ardonna that the Renegades will now have a fair chance – shadowy reveal of the now Cybernized Renegades.

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Episode Guide

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