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EPISODE 2 – Island Getaway

Ardonna explains they’re in the C.O.R.E. lab and introduces Dr. GENETTI, who tells Bushar that Cyboarging them was the only thing that saved their lives. They set out to retrieve the other parts of the ship, each with a member of the team in stasis. Ardonna and Bush Hog are airdropped onto STAGHORN ISLAND, secret base of STAG. The defense system on the island is run by a warehouse of genius kids who were snatched from around the world — their brains are used like a human computer network – the defences manifesting as ghostly static avatars of the children . One kid running loose, GLITCH, reveals the nature of the network, and Ardonna is able to use that knowledge to access and disable it. Ardonna and Bush Hog find the ship segments guarded by all the Renegades. The Renegades, without the advantage of cybernetics, get their tails kicked by just two Cyboars. Bush Hog frees the kids. Glitch stows away back to C.O.R.E.. When Bush Hog catches him, Glitch explains he has no family and Genetti allows him to live at C.O.R.E.. Bush Hog apologizes to Ardonna, admitting there are benefits to the Cyboarg technology and their fight for freedom. Back on STAGHORN ISLAND, the Renegades tell STAGOREX that they need to be Cyboarg’d – without that technology, the Stygorians gain the upper hand on the Renegades and ALL of Bytron if they make it back home. Stagorex says not to worry, he has a spy placed at C.O.R.E. that will be their ticket to stealing the technology. He transmits to his spy…and in his new bedroom at C.O.R.E., Glitch answers and tells Stagorex all is in place for their plan.

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