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EPISODE 1 – Crash Landing

Bushar (Bush Hog) awakes in a dark strange place, wired up. He breaks free and is cornered by what seems in the shadows to be a ROBOT. FLASHBACK to... BYTRON. The WYLDE PACK are on a raid to rescue a Stygorian scientist after a secret distress call from a Bytron Prison Lab. They find the scientist—Ardonna (Sparky). She insists they take with them a Tenderizer-X reactor she was being forced to build. Then the RENEGADES trap is sprung! The Cyboars somehow escape with the girl and her reactor, but are chased into hurdle two, the dreaded TWELFTH FLEET. The Renegades are surprised that the fleet doesn’t care if they get destroyed in the crossfire. In a desperate attempt to escape, Ardonna ejects the reactor out the cargo bay which warps them into the upper atmosphere of Earth. FLASHBACK OVER, Bushar demands the robot tell him what’s going on. The mysterious figure reveals herself to be a Cyboar’d Ardonna, and Bushar is part-machine also! She gasps out, “If you want to save them…you need to trust me.”

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Episode Guide

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