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Walter McDaniel: (Designer/ Art Director) Walter has developed characters for GI JOE, TRANSFORMERS, HOT WHEELS, and MEN IN BLACK and run several multimedia art studios, including WAM.

Wes Takahashi (Producer): AVATAR (he set up the studio Weta Digital), also ran George Lucas’s animation department at ILM for 10 years.

Ian Powers (Action Director): FORBIDDEN KINGDOM, Ian is a martial arts master choreographer who has worked with JACKIE CHAN and JETT LI.

Rick Hoberg (Storyboard Director): Over 30 years experience, Rick has worked on virtually every major name brand project for every major studio.

Sheldon Arnst (Animation Director): Over 20 years experience, Sheldon has worked on FANTASTIC FOUR, ED EDD N EDDY, RUGRATS and REEL MONSTERS.

James Felder (Writer/ Story Editor):   Edited top writing talent at Marvel, also written TMNT & CHAOTIC for FOX KIDS, GENERATOR REX for CARTOON NETWORK and THE AVENGERS for DISNEY XD.

Jake Black (Writer): BEN 10, BATMAN, SMALLVILLE, TMNT, STAR TREK, and many others.

Cedrick Chan (Overseas Lighting Director) Cedrick has over 11 years of experience, including Disney Asia’s KUNG FU DRAGON, and STAR WARS Episode 1.

Creative Team
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